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Here’s the RKH Images Best of 2020 Weddings and Portraits post.

To label this year as crazy would be an extreme understatement.  Despite extensive mention, it is undeniable.  After working so hard to build a business, we were terrified in the spring that it would all go up in smoke.  However, we were super lucky in that we know a lot of amazing people.  The wedding industry took a huge hit this year and there has not been any relief for our specific industry.  Our work has also been changing CONSTANTLY all year due to government guidelines.  So saying that we just straight hustled our way through this vicious year would be 100% accurate.

Throughout all this madness, we meet and worked with some incredible people. There are people we never would have met, had this year not thrown such a wrench into everyone’s life.  So we are grateful for that.  In the beginning of it all, we had family, friends and even former clients come through for us financially.  These people helped pay our bills and buy us food.

Knowing that we have such a support system that we didn’t even realize until now, is amazing.   When we were able to shoot weddings again, it was like starting everything from scratch.  I’ll never forgot going to one of our first weddings after restrictions were lifted a bit and meeting with a videographer we work with frequently.  She was going through so much of the same things we were and it really made us feel less alone.  Not only a personal, but business side as well.

We always like to say in these what this really was the year of in these pictures.  It’s been a year of sheer chaos.  It’s also been a year of realizing what is truly important.  So many of our wedding clients were initially upset about having to downsize their weddings.  On the day of, they couldn’t have been happier. We continued to meet people that are very much our ideal type of client.  The majority of weddings we booked this year were referrals, which means we get to work with the same AWESOME people all over again.

There are wedding and engagement photos in this post.  There are weddings in various cities, the woods, indoors, outdoors, and more.  This year held courthouse weddings, so many at home weddings, outdoor and indoor weddings.  We even staged a styled at home wedding starring us in our home at the beginning of the pandemic.  It all depends on when and where we were.  We will be working with a lot of these people again in 2021.  That’s something we are very excited about!  We’re also excited about seeing this year in the rearview and moving on.  Happy New Year, everyone!!

best of 2020 wedding couple laughing two men kissing engagement photos first lookat home wedding 2020 best of 2020 wedding bride and groom kissing black woman crying best of 2020 wedding couple kissing in empty restaurant bride and groom fireworks

couple dancing in street best of 2020 wedding hairspray best of 2020 wedding best of 2020 wedding church lake mille lacs wedding couple dancing

best of 2020 wedding first look bride crying best of 2020 wedding courthouse

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